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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Preparing for your FUTURE today

Proverbs 19:14 - "Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD."

LST-ISM: Don't prepare to be a friend or anything less if you desire to be a wife. No one seeks to just compete in a race you train to WIN the race so in your pursuit of your life long mate TRAIN to be what you ultimately want to be which is the BEST HUSBAND or WIFE you can until your time comes. Even if you are married you can still strive to be better daily just allow GOD to lead you for he has never made a mistake.

The Ah-Ha: Football games are not won on game day they are won during week at PRACTICE..


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Understanding Faith

Mathew 14:31 ~ Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. "You of little faith," he said, "why did you doubt?"

LKW-ISM: Many times we pray and ask GOD to answer our prayers and to provide us with dreams, goals, and those things in life that we cherish. However, when it doesn't happen in "our time" we lose our FAITH and immediately seek other options. Always remember prayer without works falls on deaf ears. So put ALL you have into your PLAN A and you want need a PLAN B.

The Ah-Ha: I wonder if GOD has a "PLAN B" person for YOUR "PLAN A" blessing...

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Testimony

On this day, February 21, 2013 I come before the world to say thank you. I want say thank you to my family, friends, and those who supported me after my life changing experience 2 years ago.

I will humbly celebrate the 2 year anniversary or should I say the blessing in disguise that GOD had in store for me when he put a stop to an out of control and selfish life.

On February 21, 2011 I was arrested and charged with a DWI after leaving a restaurant while trying to drown my tears and bitterness in alcohol. Thinking I had the best things in life because I had a great job, was working on a doctorate degree, a house, nice salary, and many of the things most desire and work hard for in life. However, during the process of thinking I was enjoying the good life I lost my connection with those things and the one who should have mattered most.

Ever since that day my life has been truly a blessing and a total transformation that I am proud to be apart of. Being able to see the other side of a mountain allows you to learn that what you may think you want you may not really need.

Being incarcerated for those 16 hours felt more like 16 years and I can honestly say being a societal caged animal is something I dare not strive to get use to. As I spent those hours talking, confessing, and crying out to GOD he spoke back to me with love, compassion, and understanding. He brought one of his children back home.

Many wonder why a smile stays on my face, the reason is simple. When you have been to the bottom and he brings you out providing you a second chance to make the best of a gift you once took for granted why not allow his forgiveness to shine through you daily.

When you are truly appreciative for what GOD has done for you words are not often needed because you will glow daily with joy. You will sparkle as a star in the sky for GOD is the only way when there is no way.

Over the past 2 years I have learned that in order to enjoy LIFE you must love yourself more than worldly goods and pleasures. This is vital in the growth of an individual. Asking GOD for forgiveness is just the start. Praying and wanting his guidance daily is the key ingredient that will enhance your own personal recipe for success. Being able to walk alone before desiring to walk next to someone requires self discipline and honest evaluations that you must make yourself. Being religious is good, yet when you develop that relationship and become spiritual that's when you really see his goodness, no wait, his GREATNESS for GOD is not good all the time he is GREAT all the time.

Often times we wonder why certain things happen to us in our life when really we should just say thank you GOD for you will never make a mistake and you will never leave your children.

I thank that police officer for doing his job and not letting me go when I was wrong for who knows how my situation could have ended.  I thank my family for supporting me and staying by my side when all looked like it was lost. I thank my friends for being there when I needed them. I thank the judge for being understanding and allowing me to work off my time with a great group of men who did not judge me, yet embraced me. I thank my lawyer for his efforts and making sure I was able to receive the best verdict possible. I thank my current place of employment for doing what they do everyday for our kids by giving me a second chance.

Most off all I  thank GOD for his temporary interruption of my regularly scheduled program as he wanted me to turn back to his channel and gain the nourishment and guidance that I needed in order to be a better man today than I was yesterday.

Yes, I am still a work in progress, yet I am doing just that working to progress.

Blessed Beyond Measure :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jumping Through Hoops

LKW - "When jumping thru HOOPS expect the same result you had prior to taking that leap, which is simply landing with 2 feet on the ground." ~ Mr. LST ♥

LST-ISM: Often times when we go "over and beyond" for an individual we expect an "over and beyond" result. When we don't get this result we tend to refrain from displaying those efforts in the future.

Learn to do things for people because you WANT to vs feeling as though you NEED to and you will avoid that unappreciative feeling that we sometimes have when we don't get that "over and beyond" reaction for our "over and beyond" efforts.

The Ah-Ha: When GOD answers our prayers HE still remains the same GOD no matter how "over and beyond" his actions where. Because many times we don't SHOW how appreciative we are for what he has truly blessed us with in our life..

Glad he keeps giving no matter what..

Mr. LST  ♥

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Abandoned Boy by Mr. LST

There was a young boy who was seemingly abandoned by the sea
He was confused and frightened of how this could possibly be

As the tide rolled in it surfaced next to his tears
Surrounded by the night as the cold winds pierced his ears

Famished and weary on his back he chose to lay
Sinking ever so deeply into the sand he closed his eyes and began to pray

Lord I can not grasp the reason why I was left here on this day
Yet, I know with you as my guide you will continue to make a way

I ask not for answers for they know not what they do
Maybe this was a test to see how close I really was to you

As the sun began to fall and the moon begins to rise
I ask for wisdom and discernment to be the light that opens my eyes

I ask you for peace and forgiveness for all
I ask you to restore the love in their hearts just as you did for Saul

As he continued to pray two people vastly approaching could be seen
It was his mother and father nervously hurrying to the scene

His mother hugged him dearly and his father smiled in delight
They joined hands and walked back to the shore in the dust of the night

For his parents to abandon him he could not imagine such a thing
The thought of not having GOD and the will to pray was closer to a nightmare than a dream

His father asked him did he feel alone as he wondered where they could be
The young boy replied I was not alone because GOD never abandoned me

How complete are YOU?

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Planter

The BEAUTY of a FLOWER is MOST appreciated by the one who planted the seed not by the one it is given too.... Mr. LST ♥

LST-ISM: Often times we look to outside entities to provide us with validation of transformation and growth. Avoid being quick to embrace their pats on the back, for they can easily turn into slaps to the face. The one's who know you best or had a direct impact in your efforts to decide to change will provide you with the TRUTH as you progress that will keep you humble and stead fast on your journey.

The Ah-Ha: As you came in first do you think the person who came in second is HAPPIER for you than the one who trained you??.. TGIF .. @MRlst4life

Do you know what you really want? NEEDS vs. WANTS

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What is LOVE ♥

1 Corinthians 4-7

~ Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Happy Valentines Day and many more!! Mr. LST ♥

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Real Truth Behind Being Single

Many individuals are remaining single because they are afraid to put in the work and effort that is required to find a satisfying relationship. For example, how many people have you heard complain about unwanted weight, yet never seem to apply those needed disciplines to achieve their goal of weight loss. However, they have hundreds of reasons to why they cannot dedicate themselves to that particular purpose.

In life it is easy to sit back and do nothing and find faulty excuses that validate your reasons for your "unwanted" results or status.

The thought of failure prevents many from rolling their sleeves up and diving all the way in when it comes to finding and receiving that significant other. Many have become comfortable and complacent with the way their live is and will be. Then there are those who casually do everything in life or give a lack luster of interest, yet expect a maximum result. Nevertheless, they can consistently conjure up multiple reason's to remain single, in a particular situation and circumstance, or better yet provide a multitude of excuses to why everyone they have met was not good enough or why their outcome remains the same.

Could it be that one is afraid to give up that individual freedom that the single life and the perspective of change can bring about? Maybe becoming a part of something is an item that really isn't as important as they make it out to be. Whatever the case take ownership for your actions and accept your results because they are directly correlated to you. Your input determines your output. How you begin more than likely predicts how you will end, unless you do what it takes to change; Commit yourself wholeheartedly.

Avoid wasting time on those things and people who just continuously waste your time by casually being involved with you. Those are individuals who do things that don't have a purpose. These are the people who are wasting your time and will hinder you from better results. Surround yourself around those whose purpose is to maximize you instead of minimize. In order to be the best you must do your best and surround yourself with better.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The New vs The Used

As we enter the income tax season many people will enjoy the luxury of being able to purchase a new or used vehicle. They will scour the city looking for the best deals. Many will take to the internet and surf the web for hundreds of hours contrasting and comparing prices, makes, and models hoping to catch a bargain of a lifetime.

Imagine you wake up with a large return and you desire a new car. Unfortunately, you have just enough to afford a used car which will allow you to stay within your allotted budget. After long nights of research you have found the dealership that has the best deal in town.  However, on this particular day you found yourself in the midst of a deal of a lifetime. You meet with the car dealer and he shows you the used car that you requested, yet he gives you the option of purchasing the exact same car, make, and model, but the catch is this car is new and has never been driven before.  He offers you the new car at the same price you were going to pay for the used car. 

Which car do you choose??...  Of course, the NEW CAR….  

If you are getting the same car, make, and model at the same price why not take a chance on the newer vehicle. It just makes sense, right??!!

In the realm of dating and relationships the same thing can be said when it comes to those preferences that you have. If you are single, never been married, and do not have any kids most of the time you desire the same situation for many reason’s. However, you are willing to accept an individual or should I say, “take a chance” on one who may not have the same situation as you. Vice versa if you have been previously married and are now divorced, may possibly have a child or children, many times they seek someone who has a similar situation as well, yet they will, “take a chance” on the individual who may not have experienced those particular situations. 

One of the reason’s you take this “chance” is because you see the potential that they display as it pertains to those crucial qualities you desire in a life long mate. However, just like the new car vs. the used car I’m pretty sure that most individuals will opt for the situation they truly prefer if they find themselves encountering the same mishaps in the situation they are willing to “take a chance” on. It just makes more sense and puts you in a “better” situation because it gives you what you want, the best chance to “SUCCEED” or should I say “WIN”.

Moral of the story, know your worth and be real with yourself. If you have or have encountered certain life situations that someone has not does it make you less than them, NO. However will someone who has not experienced those particular situations possibly view you with a side eye, YES. Is it right, NO is it wrong NO, is it FAIR and just a part of LIFE, YES because in life we have the greatest thing giving to human beings by GOD the right to choose.  So continue to work on yourself and be the best person, mother, or father you can be and don’t be surprised if someone ends up “taking a chance” on you for a lifetime.

The Ah-Ha: No one is where they are today if someone didn’t take a chance on them, however the situation had to be right..