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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Living Through Adversity

Proverbs 24:10 - "If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small."

The one thing I've learned about LIFE is that "Willie Lynch" created an instrument to keep people of different races, primarily African Americans against one another. 

Whether the Willie Lynch story is true or false I seem to see it and experience it everyday and it's sad. No matter what race you are people we as people will never come together if we continue to tear one another apart in an attempt to get a head.

As I reflect I simply see this method of madness as the devil's aggressive way to use others to destroy what God has built up and If your faith and belief is not strong you will fall victim to what he can do through man. However, if you keep your mind and heart stayed on him you can overcome anything.

Simply put consistent prayer combined with tireless works does just that WORK. It is a known fact the closer you get to the top of each mountain of success in your life the more people will try to keep bring you back to the bottom in an effort to label you as a failure.

Always remember LIFE is too good and you are too blessed to be stressed 

Marco Walder

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Order Your Copy Today!!

A great point that you brought up is self-worth…I think if a lot of people knew their worth then they would seek more healthy and stable relationships. I love the stories and life experience you gave because I don’t know about most but I’m a visual learner and if I can visualize it, I can learn it. The stories were inviting and definitely pulls in the reader. I love the subtle repetitiveness which lets the reader constantly reevaluate themselves. As you know putting God first in the equation put us in a better position to be lead in the right path in which we are destined. Your spiritual aspect was on point. “Doing what is right”, “Growing together spiritually”etc…are all foundations of a great and stable relationship. Very valid point in this chapter..I wish more people had standards like this today. You can never go wrong with doing what’s right and that’s life in general. Not just in a relationship with a mate. Chapter 20 “Have you accurately set your love GPS?” kind of hit home with me and I’ll tell you why. I’ve noticed that when I first meet someone that I say I want friendship first then maybe something long term. Knowing good and well that I do desire a husband but because of past hurts (going back to “The Power of Pain”) and rejection, I realized that I said this out of fear. It does hurt to be rejected so in turn putting up that barrier seemed to help ease the blow if I was rejected or not. It really made me see how a person who desires a lifelong mate would possibly view me. You’ve done an outstanding job on this Marco. I truly am impressed with the blessing of knowledge that God has given you.

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The Untold Chronicles Book Review

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