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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Educator - Removing Race from the Race

Over the past 14 few years in education I have learned a few things about life, myself and the career path that I have chosen. It seems like yesterday I was an enthusiastic young man fresh out of college looking to coach and save a race by educating one “black kid” at a time. Ironically, my first teaching position led me to a school whose demographics was composed of only 13% black students. This was an instant culture shock and truly tested my desires and passion to be an educator. This also challenged my belief’s because I knew God had chosen me to be a “Black Educator” with the understanding of being a “black educator” meant that I was destined to be there for my people, to uplift my people, to be a voice of reason for my, black people.

However, over the course of those 14 years later I have learned that I am not a “Black Educator”, meaning a black teacher whose main purpose is to teach black people. I am an Educator with the understanding that my mission is to educate everyone regardless of race. This means no matter what race enters my classroom it is my duty as an educator to give my all daily to ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn and grow under my care.

Many may take the term “Black Educator” to mean you are a black individual who simply educates and that too is correct. I have just taken it upon myself to remove race and by not excluding a race from having an opportunity to win the race. All kids are not the same, all races are not the same, however we all need to be educated and even that will not be the same. As an educator smiles will come and smiles will go. Kids will transfer that will make tears come from the lids of the toughest of eyes. Each and every school year, the love you give, the time you sacrifice, and the little things you do will serve as reminders of why you do what you do. These blessing will surface as the days become long and the journey grows tiresome. However, we cannot quit because someone’s heart depends on us, someone’s mind is waiting for us, someone’s spirit cannot be uplifted by no one, but us and educator.

More than anything to be able to visualize each student as an individual you have the opportunity to mold and cultivate on a daily basis is priceless. It is natural to want more for you own kind, however become the educator who wants more for all and then you are truly an educator who is Color Blind.