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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Power of Pain by Mr. LST

The one thing that can instantly capture an individual’s attention is the sudden feeling of pain. Pain is something many people hope to avoid throughout life, yet few have live to do so. Pain has slipped in and out of the lives of everyone. The feeling of pain can linger within an individual until the end of time.

Often when we think of the word “pain” we visualize it in the physical form. For instance, burning a finger, putting alcohol on a cut, or bumping the “funny bone” in which I have yet to find funny are examples of physical pain. However, we will take our focus of the word pain into a broader sense. We will discuss pain as it pertains to one’s emotional and mental state.

Pain has destroyed homes and ruined lives of millions. Pain is that one thing that can attack a persons mind, body, and soul. When we think of pain, seldom do we view it with a positive light. It frequently brings about a sense of darkness that many have not been able to remove from their day to day lives.

Pain motivates an individual to withdraw, to protect, or to avoid. The pain that is felt from a relationship can cause an individual to withdraw from future opportunities to find that life long love. The pain from a relationship can influence an individual to protect their heart and guard their feelings by closing off their emotional pathway from favorable suitors. The pain from a relationship can cause an individual to shun all the gifts of life that await them because they will run from any situation that could possibly recreate that unpleasant feeling.

A common word we usually associate with pain is suffering. Suffering can come in all degrees of intensity from mild to moderate. Suffering is the major key that ignites a negative mindset many associate with pain. If a person aspires to heal from a particular pain their suffering must be redirected to focus on creating a positive result and a positive outcome verses settling for a negative one

In order to do this one must attack pain the same way pain attacks an individual, one place at a time. A person must first heal their mind by changing the way they view each painful situation and event that occurred. Take those negative thoughts and create positive solutions. Next, they must free their body. Many individuals allow pain and suffering to compromise their health. They allow this to happen by not maintaining a regular workout schedule, a healthy diet, and attempting to drown their sorrows in alcohol. With all these combined it could lead to more severe health complications. Finally one must allow their spirit to be moved. Their spirit must be moved in a direction that is aimed to uplift, motivate, and inspire change. This individual must regain the faith that God or their particular higher power is in control and trust that anything they have been through was meant for their better good.

If an individual truly desires to heal they can not be afraid to reveal their wound. Revealing the wound allows for proper actions to take place to remove the pain. As long as there is pain the wound will never heal and that individual will continue to live a life filled with negative pain and suffering.

The Ah-Ha: No Pain, No Gain …. Allow your pain to be your gain…


Saturday, January 26, 2013


LST - Pain can only be felt in one spot at a time. So attack it like it attacks you, one spot at a time until all the pain is gone.

LST-ISM: Many people try to heal ALL of their wounds at one time and in doing so just continue to aggregated old heart aches and heart breaks. As time pasts they wonder why they can never fully recover. Take your time to understand each pain and once you have found the problem work even harder towards the solution in order to complete the healing process.

Mr. LST ♥

Monday, January 21, 2013


As I reflect on the MLK Holiday and the Inauguration of President Barack Obama,

It moves me to a message I heard from a minister this weekend, GOD gives you DELIVERANCE, however you must WORK towards your FREEDOM..

Don't be the reason why you can't receive your blessing.. Step aside and allow him to do his work.. As you step aside continue to sow your dreams into reality and above all things TRUST GOD that in his season you will receive all he has in store for you.. Expect to live a life of ABUNDANCE.. GOD is PEACE and PEACE comes from your LOVE..

Mr. LST ♥

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Distant Love by Mr. LST

As one looks through a telescope something that is so far away can instantly become so near. Learning to Love another heart that resides thousands of miles away can test one’s mind, body, and soul. 

I once knew of a man who discovered love in an airport minutes before his flight took to the runaway. He met a lovely lady in the terminal who left an impression on him that lasted weeks after they both reached their respective destinations. He felt himself overwhelmed with her potential to be his life long mate. There was one small problem; he did not have any contact information for this mirage of an amazing lady and simply knew her as Vicky. So unfortunately he envisioned her as just a distant memory. Saddened by his missed opportunity he chose not to pursue this situation because she lived halfway across the country and for years he was a voice for those who opposed long distant relationships.

As weeks continued to go by his yearning for this lady began to get the best of him. Every love movie, love song, or romantic gesture reminded him of her. Something had to be done. He devised a plan to retract his steps on that specific day that they met. He located his itinerary that had the exact date, time, and flight. With help from an inside friend of the airlines he searched all the flights that were headed to LAX International Airport in California at the same time his flight was scheduled to depart. His inside connect provided him with a detailed flight schedule of that particular day. He remembered that they both were taking the last flight out for that day which allowed him to figure out the exact flight she was aboard. He knew her first name, but could not recall her last name. To his fortune she was the only, “Vicky” on the flight. His inside connect provided him with an email address to avoid jeopardizing his job any further. 

Elated that he had a form of communication he made the best of it. He hurried home and mixed his favorite cocktail and began pecking away on his keyboard. He was composing an email that he felt was his one and only chance to find the treasure that he allowed to slip through his grasps. The words he was eloquently speaking onto this email took him to a place he had never visited before, The Land of Love. Before he pressed send he asked God to place this message on her heart and do what he could not, bridge the gap between him and love. 

As a few weeks passed his faith was growing weary. During an intense workout at the gym he heard his email alert from his phone which was sitting over by his gym bag. He pushed out 1 more rep then ventured over to check his message. To his surprise it was a response from the one who added an extra beat to his heart. Overjoyed and excited he cautiously opened the message with a stomach that immediately filled with butterflies. As he read the first few lines he was feeling the world being pulled right out from under him as she sought to investigate how he obtained her information. However, as he continued to read he came across a line that soothed his pain, “I am glad you took the time to find me as I too have been thinking of you.” The connection was made and as the days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months and the connection grew stronger. 

They agreed to meet with the intent to continue the pursuit of one another. Ironically, this brought them back to a familiar place where it all started the LAX International Airport and as plane after plane left the runway their Love for one another stayed grounded for a life time.

LST-ISM: Don’t allow anything to get in the way of something powerful because you may not get a second chance to make a first impression.

Friday, January 4, 2013

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You cannot repress ANGER or LOVE, or avoid FEELING them, and you should not try. But you should be careful about how you EXPRESS them, and most important, they should never INFLUENCE your plans and strategies in any way..
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The New Year Charge

"Just because you are in the drivers seat does not mean you are in control of your destination"... Mr. LST

As we enter another NEW YEAR be mindful that your plan may not be GOD'S plan. So as you journey through 2013 with your hands on the steering wheel and your foot on the pedal, take the time to look both ways and enjoy the sights and sounds of a year that will possibly change your life forever.. Along with your work allow him to guide you and your heart to reach new heights as you accomplish those things you truly desire.. 2013 will only be what he allows you to make it so get real and get ready because the time could be now..

The Ah-Ha: A chauffeur may be driving the car, but the person who's being chauffeured still is still in total control..

Happy New Year!! Stay Blessed

Marco Walder