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Monday, June 24, 2013

LIFE Goes On

"The one who is able to see and work towards their future doesn't waste time complaining about the obstacles here in the present and is grateful for the ups and downs that were in their past." Mr. LST

LIFE Goes On

Monday, June 10, 2013

Late Night Coasting by Mr. LST ♫

As you close your eyes to pray thank God for allowing you to wake up every morning not hoping and wishing for a miracle, but for another opportunity to make the best of the talents that He has blessed you with. Yes, it is a struggle to not ask him for the reward that is owed because of your labor or the epic ending to your great book entitled, "My Life". However, we must learn that even on those days that the finish line seems so far away we must still push on because someone somewhere is depending on us. We must push on because someone somewhere believes in us. That's when you must search within to garner something that lives deep down inside of you. It's the past experiences that made you who you are today and the present experiences that you encounter that will make you who you are for tomorrow. Life isn't about being recognized for being at the top for many times the true winner is the one who chose to Never Settle and Never Stop - Mr. LST 


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