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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Educator - Removing Race from the Race

Over the past 14 few years in education I have learned a few things about life, myself and the career path that I have chosen. It seems like yesterday I was an enthusiastic young man fresh out of college looking to coach and save a race by educating one “black kid” at a time. Ironically, my first teaching position led me to a school whose demographics was composed of only 13% black students. This was an instant culture shock and truly tested my desires and passion to be an educator. This also challenged my belief’s because I knew God had chosen me to be a “Black Educator” with the understanding of being a “black educator” meant that I was destined to be there for my people, to uplift my people, to be a voice of reason for my, black people.

However, over the course of those 14 years later I have learned that I am not a “Black Educator”, meaning a black teacher whose main purpose is to teach black people. I am an Educator with the understanding that my mission is to educate everyone regardless of race. This means no matter what race enters my classroom it is my duty as an educator to give my all daily to ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn and grow under my care.

Many may take the term “Black Educator” to mean you are a black individual who simply educates and that too is correct. I have just taken it upon myself to remove race and by not excluding a race from having an opportunity to win the race. All kids are not the same, all races are not the same, however we all need to be educated and even that will not be the same. As an educator smiles will come and smiles will go. Kids will transfer that will make tears come from the lids of the toughest of eyes. Each and every school year, the love you give, the time you sacrifice, and the little things you do will serve as reminders of why you do what you do. These blessing will surface as the days become long and the journey grows tiresome. However, we cannot quit because someone’s heart depends on us, someone’s mind is waiting for us, someone’s spirit cannot be uplifted by no one, but us and educator.

More than anything to be able to visualize each student as an individual you have the opportunity to mold and cultivate on a daily basis is priceless. It is natural to want more for you own kind, however become the educator who wants more for all and then you are truly an educator who is Color Blind.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Often times growing "numb" to a certain situation or to a particular person helps you more than not. Many man view this as a way of showing that you have given up, threw in the towel, or quit. However, others may view this as a sign that you have finally decided to move out of the way and let God do what God does.
Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble.

Remember what God has for you no on can take it away. So do all that you can and allow Him to do what you can't. Many times it is God applying that extra "pressure" that you will not apply to yourself so that you can grow, regain your focus and continue to strive to do those things Others Will Notice that will allow you to

Be Great!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stay Focused

Over the course of your life you will encounter situations, people, and obstacles that you just simply won't understand. These later become better known as "why's" or "how's".
Nevertheless, always remember SQUARES were not meant to fit into CIRCLES.
So don't waste time trying to convince people to want something that obviously they don't want for themselves. Avoid situations that require you to always be the "ground breaker" or the "initiator" because over time that responsibility can wear you down.
Strive to gravitate to those individuals with similar desires, mindsets, and wants and watch how you can put yourself in healthy situations that are designed to build you up instead of tearing you down.
Be Great!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentines Day 2016

Happy Valentines Day ♥

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, romance, passion, and heartfelt gestures. Love is something created over time which has to be birthed, nurtured, and built together with someone of a similar mindset. As we embark on another day where love will reign supreme let us remember the reason why we truly love the one we are with. 

For those of us who will be celebrating this day allow this day to help you grow closer to your mate. Allow this time to create a void in you that seeks to learn more about your mate, to care more, to give more, and more importantly to love more. Having someone to love is something many desire, yet are not truly committed to work for. I reminisce over those clich├ęs that many use to depict being committed to a relationship. Whether it is the one about the grass not being greener on the other side or the one that reminds us that someone else’s trash may very well be someone else’s treasure. Whichever deems appropriate allow it to remind you that home is what you and yours make it and the only way your home can be destroyed is if you and your mate allow it to be.

So continue to create a loving bond that will spread across the world. No one ever said it would be easy and I haven’t read a manual that says you will not go through tough times. Nevertheless remember if it was easy everyone would be able to do it.

For those of us who will be spending this Valentine’s Day without that special person in their life don’t fret, be expectant because the love of your life is just someone you have not met. - @MRWEOWN

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Excerpt from the upcoming book release - Life Lines

"Always remember TIME runs out on everyone, so make the best of yours."

Living for tomorrow, yet you are wasting precious time today. Many people spend years talking about what they want to do, yet they do not realize they will only be able to do those things that are birthed from the person they are. Opportunity does not wait for anyone and often times it is never revealed because of the lack of preparation beforehand. Make it your duty to make today your best day and tomorrow even better than today and watch how the results you create will follow you. 


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Embrace Your Struggle

How does one become stronger without resistance? How does an individual become better without pressure? How can you know your limits without feeling tension? 
Often times I ponder on these character revealing questions and I continue to find myself embellishing the same solution which arises from 1 Corinthians 10:13:
13 Every test that you have experienced is the kind that normally comes to people. But God keeps his promise, and he will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at the time you are put to the test, he will give you the strength to endure it, and so provide you with a way out.
Many times we can find ourselves “negatively complaining” about the trials and tribulations that we are going through in life instead of “positively embracing” those lifelong situations. Within the scripture it foreshadows that God will never leave your side or in other words He is and will continue to be your true “ride or die” no matter what life throws your way.  However, you must first do a couple of things, (1) allow him to be the source of your strength & (2) remember He is always in control and sustain until He provides you with a “way out”.
You can spend countless hours voicing reasons of why a co-worker, a friend, a job or any entity that you feel has negatively wronged you to half open ears or you can choose to spend those same amount of hours praying, listening, and seeking understanding to why God has put you in the midst of those temporary storms.
The mind, body, and soul are valuable components that add to a person’s life. Strive to govern the words that you allow to leave your mouth because they could easily destroy or enhance one’s overall being or even effect the desires and aspirations of someone else.
Often times we could possibly speak into existence those ups and downs that we deal with on a daily because it is God’s duty to provide resistance, pressure, and tension because our story is already written and He has to prepare us to be the Character who can live it, love it, and more than anything learn to embrace all that comes with it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Speaking To Those Open Ears of Hers

In 2007 at a Men Are Builders Conference I listened as Dr.Myles Munroe spoke visions and life into a room full of men who desired to become better men, husbands, and fathers. The power of his words were so profound afterwards I immediately purchased the audio copy for my personal use. Some 8 years later this vision still lives in the eyes of many men worldwide. My question is in a world where the level of being independent and self-sufficient has risen to an all-time high as depicted by many of our media outlets and sources how does a man who strives to create a healthy environment for his future relationship communicate these ideas, strategies, and plans to the woman of today without being seen as controlling or trying to change her?

We all are a product of some type of relationship and one key component to each type of relationship is communication. Several authors and experts have created methods of understanding one’s “love language”,however how does one establish a healthy line of communication when love has yet to be developed? We have been taught that if you love someone that it will work. Through experiences we can prove that this theory could be possibly flawed as I’m sure those who are now divorced would not say that they did not love the person they were married too. If love is not the cement to keeping relationships together what components or strategies are key?

Proverbs 24: 3-5 states that by wisdom a house is built, through understanding it is established. Through knowledge its rooms are filled with beautiful treasures.

According to Solomon, you do not need love first to build a strong relationship, marriage, or a strong home. Now he did not say you do not need love, he only said you do not need love, FIRST. So if you do not need love first what do you need in order to build a strong relationship,marriage, or a strong home?

As I thought about Solomon’s words it led me to reverse the order in which these were given to provide a more in-depth meaning. The first thing he stated you need is knowledge.Before anything can become knowledge it is first information. With information one must be careful who and where they get their information from because you must make sure the information that you are getting is Truth. The second component he stated you need is understanding. Before a person can understand the information they must be able to comprehend it. Many people do not have the capacity to comprehend certain information for many reasons. Often times it stems from one desiring to be understood verses trying to understand. The final component is wisdom. Wisdom is the application process. This means being able to take the information that you have comprehended and apply it effectively to your situation.

A person cannot apply what they do not know and you cannot know what you do not understand.

When a man who desires a lifelong mate meets a woman he seeks to discover if she has those certain qualities to be his wife.  Once the qualities she possess are revealed he will either communicate to her that he desires to date her or that he seeks to entertain other prospective ladies. If he is a man who strives to be better and desires a healthy relationship, marriage, and strong home he may start to communicate information in the beginning to help with the maturation process him and her.

For instance, a man who witnessed his father abuse his mother may communicate to the lady he is dating that he does not care to “play fight” or pass non-violent blows as this could possibly lead to a more serious and abusive behavior in a more intense situation once they are deeper into the relationship. Another example is if a man witnessed his father being verbally abused by his mother he may seek to do away with verbal swearing during communication with his potential mate to alleviate the possibility of being verbally abused in a more intense situation once they are deeper into the relationship. A woman may choose to do the same if she experienced a prior behavior from a past relationship or living arrangement that was not considered healthy.

So my question is how does a man who is constantly getting information that could be seen as “truth” communicate this information to his potential mate without being seen as controlling or negatively trying change her so that she is able to understand it and apply it so they are able to build a healthy relationship, which leads to a healthy marriage, and a strong home? 

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