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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Dream Catcher

LST TIP OF THE DAY: Don't force a DREAM CATCHER to choose between YOU and their DREAMS because you'll lose and end up dreaming about the what if's every time.. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Courtship... The Real Meaning

COURTSHIP the real meaning .. 

I often hear women say they want a man to "court" them. However, what are you doing while he "courts" you? Contrary to popular demand a pretty smile, nice shape, and great conversation only goes so far .. 

Your actions are what men look for when it comes to "putting a ring on it" .. Not many men or women would want to spend their life with a person who is only reactive .. I believe this is one of the many reason's dating and courtship has taking a vast turn for the worse ..

If something that is meant to be enjoyed by two people falls heavily on the shoulders of one, how can they BOTH find fulfillment in the efforts and interactions that they encounter with one another? 

Ladies we as men like to be "courted" as well. Similar to the way a man is to court a woman, however not to the same degree or level. We to like to know we are the one you WANT to be with not the one you NEED to be with because of self focused reasons .. 

We also want to know that our efforts are not being used in vain and please do not believe the fact that you are joining us for meals, outings, and etc is enough .. Because for a little more $$ we can BUY that same attention and probably garner a more pleasurable ending .. 

A man is suppose to find his treasure and if you look at the story of Ruth and Boaz she was found working not waiting .. So simply put give what you expect to receive in the beginning and I guarantee you'll start a relationship that's built off sharing and giving which equals teamwork .. Versus one that's built off one person's actions that are only matched by the other person's words .. 

Dating and Courtship doesn't stop once you are in a relationship/marriage it continues throughout so why not learn to SHARE the responsibility in the DATING phase so both individuals will enjoy and WANT to do it..

If you in a sack race with your partner and you are doing all the work why do you want them as your partner? They are only slowing you down and tiring you out. You definitely don't NEED them to participate in the race however, you may want them because they can make the race more enjoyable and give you a better chance to do what we all want to do in a healthy relationship keep it together. So find one who's willing to help and the two of you will run until you BOTH can't run anymore.

Remember, actions keep people close and words are what usually run them off ..