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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Watch It, Like It, Share It, let's get M.A.D and make a difference.. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nothing from Nothing will always leave Nothing

Nothing from Nothing will always leave Nothing.. 

Seek to avoid those people who spend their time talking about something, but their actions always reflect those of nothing. These type of people will prey on you because you have something and will sooner or later bring you down to their level which represents absolutely nothing.

It's been said that in LIFE you can do bad alone, however its been proven that you can also do good as well. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Power of God

As I sit and reflect over the wonderful service today I can't help, but smile, shed a tear, and laugh.. No matter what LIFE has thrown our way we always have the opportunity to GET UP and KEEP PRESSING ONWARD..
As Pastor Dulin said, "Many of us spend to much time looking at our past and it's paralyzing us from reaching the greatness that awaits us in the future".
I recently had a person tell me I wasn't S*** because I wouldn't pour all of my energy into helping them chase a dream that they FIRST were not committed to chasing themselves..
However as Pastor Dulin said, "You can't be afraid to turn your back on some people and just simply LET GO and KEEP PRESSING ONWARD."
Many people seek sour tastes because that's the only taste they have ever had in their mouths. However, when you taste the sweetness of His glory and His mercy you know that he is real.
I said that to say this none of us are perfect and no one will ever be perfect, however if we keep striving to be the very best WE can by first striving to do all WE can daily and do it for GOD and not for man you CAN'T LOSE.
You may not see the reward on the lower level because GOD has it waiting for you at the top level.. - M. Walder ~ 90/10 ‪#‎CPoC‬ ~ We O.W.N