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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Lady Within His Yard

As summer began to fall right into place there was something inside of me that was standing out of place. I made it my duty to recapture something that was once my own. The previous night before I strategically laid out my plan from start to finish. The task was to begin at the break of dawn and work until the job was finished or at least until I had exhausted all energy and resources.

I made sure I had all the supplies I needed and that all of my equipment was in working condition. This was my time to pursue something I had longed for. As I greeted my alarm with my own wake up call I hopped to my feet and put on my “let’s get dirty” gear. I washed my faced and stared in the mirror because I knew this job was one that could either make me or break me, however I was as ready as one could be. I opened my garage door and walked out into the enemy’s territory trying to get a grasp of how I was going to attack it in order to gain the upper hand. Before I made any harsh decisions I went back to my game plan. My game plan emphasized to always start with the foundation and work your way up. Growing up I watched the care, dedication, and hard work that my dad put into maintaining a beautiful yard and I aspired to do the same.

As I surveyed my yard I noticed it was full of weeds and insects all which aided in sabotaging my prized possession. I reached into my tool bag and grabbed my screw driver and began to pull weed after weed until all the weeds were up. Once all the weeds had been pulled I fired up my lawn mower and began to trim my yard to a level that was needed to stay healthy and grow. Instead of using the open end outlet which throws the grass back into the yard I used the mower bag and periodically stopped to empty the loose clippings. While cutting my grass I glanced over to my neighbor’s yard and admired how beautiful each one of their yards were and vowed to make my yard just as beautiful.  

After cutting the yard I went and grabbed my weed eater and got rid of those rough spots and cleaned up those wild edges. I used my hedge trimmer to make sure the bushes were well manicured. Once I finished working on the cosmetic parts I went and grabbed my weed killer and began to treat my yard by spraying a thick layer down to protect it from those weeds and pesky insects that may choose to come back. I added a fertilizer that would give it nutrients and nourishment while it endure the scorching summer heat and freezing winter cold. I added iron to help it keep the vibrant green color. Last, but definitely not least I set up a sprinkler system to give my yard water daily to make sure it didn’t die.  

Feeling hot and thirsty I came in to grab a nice cold glass of water and walked back outside and it hit me.

 Maintaining a yard is similar to maintaining a woman in a committed relationship.

 A man must first have a good plan of measure. He must commit himself to learning and making sure he is capable and well prepared to provide and take care of her. He must investigate to make sure that her foundation of emotions and feelings are stable and ready before he attempts to put anything else into place.  If she is not completely ready he may have to remove some weeds that are keeping her from growing to be the best she can be. Once he has removed those weeds he can now use his Godly hand of love to cut her into the beautiful Godly wife she desires to be. The man must remember to periodically empty the bag of negative baggage so that the infested clippings are not recycled back within her once they are removed. After she has been shaped now he must clean up the rough edges to add the glow she will display once his leaves her to stand on her own. Then he must provide a loving fertilizer, a healing weed killer, and a nutritious based nourishment that is filled with affection that will keep her healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially year around. Most importantly he must water her heart daily to insure that her love for him will never die. Now just when he thinks his job is done he must keep his attention and focus on her daily to make sure he is ready to remove anything that may seek to harm or cause her danger.

This is something he must be willing to commit to for 365 days a year in order to maintain a healthy and loving woman. One thing that is certain once a man is able to gain control of his yard maintaining it is the easy part. Just like his woman once he gains her total trust and confidence maintaining it is the easy part. You do this by doing exactly what you did to get it, putting in the work. I like to say the grass is only greener where you water it, so if he understands what it takes to keep his grass green he will not have to worry about someone else’s water hose watering it.

Mr. LST ♫