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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be The Change - Cosign Magazine Article

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Relationship Window of Opportunity

Have you ever wondered when your time will come to enjoy a healthy long lasting relationship? Maybe you keep telling yourself, “It’s not my time” or how about the all time favorite, “I’m waiting on God to send me my mate.” Well let me open your mind to this possible perspective. As I pondered on the word, “time” it led me to entertain the word “timing”.

Have you ever looked at meeting the right person as a situation that will definitely come within a certain window of opportunity? I believe a man and a woman have a certain time frame that opens and provides them with the best situation possible when it comes to finding one they are equivalent too or as many say, “equally yoked” with. This window opens multiple times throughout a person life; however it is up to the individual to make the best of it.

In this window frame of opportunity you have a chance to grow and connect or the risk of possibly sacrificing valuable time with someone who really didn’t deserve it. The biggest players in this game are Mr. and Mrs. Maturity. As I think about the very essence of the word it is not a secret that research and studies have proven women mature more rapidly than men. This could play a huge role when it pertains to relationship maturity and a person’s window frame of opportunity.

As we keep the maturity aspect in mind let’s apply this to dating and seeking a life long mate. The level of maturity an individual elevates to is usually the main reason why a relationship succeeds or fails. This can cause those who experience numerous failures to avoid dating and seeking a relationship because we as human beings can only take so much before we begin to resent the very notion of desiring something that continues to bring us pain and heartache.

In my opinion most mature women desire something concrete and real as they enter their late 20’s heading to their early 30’s. By this time most mature women have attained numerous personal goals and aspirations and now want a family and the fairytale lifestyle that many grew up hearing and dreaming about. However, most men during this age frame are not ready for those commitments and are not mature enough to truly understand their role as a man, husband, and father. As I like to say, “We were sowing our royal oats” which could lead to divorce or an unhealthy relationship. So if a mature woman is fortunate enough to be found by a mature man who is equipped mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially enough to handle the responsibilities that come along with those given titles during this time frame she is a lucky one.

As we take a look at the man. Most men start to reach a level of relationship maturity in their early 30’s as they grow closer to being 40. By this time life has revealed his purpose and he embraces his opportunity not only to become one with life, yet to be a husband and a father. During this period he will also desire a mature woman who aspires to be a wife and a mother. So if a mature man is fortunate enough to find a mature woman who is equipped mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially  to start a family with and live an abundant life he is also a lucky one. Unfortunately, by this time many women who are single may provide various reasons not to connect with this individual. Many have probably been married before and are now divorced. They may have been involved in an unhealthy relationship that they have not healed from. Some could possibly have children and do not desire more. Others may be at a place of independence where a life long relationship does not have the same zest on it as it did 5 or 6 years prior. Then you may have those who have been through so much that being married is nowhere in the equation because of what they have had to overcome and it is not worth risking where they are now which is a place or peace and tranquility.

This really makes me believe as we mature, grow, and become of age we have windows of opportunity that open and close when it comes to finding a life long mate. This means that we have to really continue to work on making sure “self” is ready to receive our blessing when it presents itself. This means recycling the negative baggage that one may be still clinging on too. It means being open minded to different things as it pertains to dating and relationships and just simply helping God by doing your part as it pertains to doing his will and he will reward your efforts. So continue to work daily on being a better you and don’t be surprised when your life long mates comes crawling through that window of opportunity that God will provide for you. There are millions of great people who desire what you desire and the awesome thing is you only need one to be mature enough to have a long lasting relationship.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Never Stop Never Settle

Never Stop and Never Settle!! Thanks again to the city of Lake Charles, LA and Maplewood MS for the opportunity to motivate and inspire their students and staff. - We O.W.N

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Have a MARVELOUS Monday!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Excerpt from the new book..

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Excerpt from the new book..

TRY - To Ready Yourself daily so you do not have to encounter a situation that calls for you to be at your best and you are not able to give just that, your best. The worse thing an individual could do is take the success they have earned for granted. As Mike Tyson witnessed, the problem with being at the top is that it requires more than what you did to get there, in order to stay there.

The pressures that come with being an American Icon can sometimes prove to be overwhelming even for the toughest of individuals.  As you pursue your dreams and goals let each day serve as a day that you improve and take the steps needed to be ready when that long awaited opportunity comes knocking at your door.

Allow other people to inspire you with their stories of triumph, yet do not be fooled to think that your story will be written the same way. My best friend once told me, “The amount of time it took for one person to see the fruits of their labors may not be the same as yours.” This is very true and I myself have been a victim of thinking that if it took one person 10 years to reach a certain level that I am striving for it will definitely take me 10 years as well.

However, we do not know what God has planned for us which makes being ready even more important. Your opportunity may come as soon as tomorrow or even next week. It may come next year, so while you actively wait do all you can today so when the chance you have desired arrives it will be much easier to embrace and be ready for.

Remember, preparation equals separation and those who prepare will always have a better chance to separate from those who do not. Start by creating a simple yet effective plan that you can practice daily. Allow this practice to prepare you to maximize each and every skill that is within you. Never let a day go by where you do not do something as it pertains to getting ready to catch your dreams.

Friday, April 5, 2013

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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Magic of Monday

It is five thirty in the morning and you are awaken to the pleasant sound of your alarm clock. You reach over and press the snooze button in an attempt to chase those elusive minutes that you think will provide more of the rest and relaxation you need before you begin your day. Ten more minutes go by and your persistent alarm clock comes calling again. This time your mind tells your body that we must get up and get going. However, on this particular day you have a feeling that is not normally felt on the other six days of the week. This feeling is one of fatigue, defeat, and just simply put one of gloom.

On this day everything seems to move a little slower. Getting dressed and out the door proves to be a hassle. As you yawn through traffic the commute to work moves at a turtle’s pace. You finally make it to work and the walk from the parking lot to your desk feels like one headed down death row. You go through your daily routine and for some reason the work load just feels a bit heavier and even the day is perceived to feel longer. In the back of your mind, slowly making its way to the front is the idea of getting back to the one thing that would not let you go, your comfortable bed.

Some have this uncomfortable feeling every day of the week. Which day of the week would you say is best depicted from above? Many people would call this day Monday, yet I will call it the day of your “Second Chance”. Yes, everyday is a day of second chance; however this second chance is one like none other. I forecast Monday to be the best day of the week for many reasons. For one, it is the day that follows the days when many of us go and receive our spiritual nourishment and replenish what was exhausted during the previous week. It follows the days that we have reunited with family, friends, and those we love the most. It comes after those days that we use to simply reenergize ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

One may venture to ask why this day is considered the best day of the week when the other days provide so much more. This reason can be a complicated one; it also can be very simple. The day that gives many of us those waiting to exhale feelings are usually Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These days cater more to our wants and Monday caters mostly to those things we need which is not always the easiest to manage and come to grips with. Monday is the day that many of us cannot do what we want because a heavy price may have to be paid if we do. It challenges everything that we stand for and continuously tests all that we have learned over the weekend. Monday is such a great day because it allows you to recover and recoup from the turmoil and recklessness the weekend can bring. The over spending in the mall, the wear and tear on your body from the night life, the endless little league games, and other avenues that the weekend leads us down that may do more harm than good.

Take for instance a person on a diet normally has what they call, “cheat days”. These days are usually Friday and Saturday. Now on what day do they use in an attempt to get back on track, our all important Monday. Very few people commit to something in the middle of the week or at the end of the week. They would rather wait and give it a total effort on Monday.
Finally, Monday is the best day of the week because in a spiritual way it is God’s blessing to you by allowing you a second chance to make up for the mishaps you may have had on the six days prior.

From this day forth look at Monday as a day to get closer to your treasures and not a day of misfortune.  View it as a day to continue to chase those dreams and goals that were challenged by the temptations of the weekend. Let Monday be the day that you thank God for another opportunity to be better and to get closer to him by giving you six more days to test your faith, strength, and courage.

When it is finally said and done if you learn to appreciate the arrival of Monday and conquer the let down most of us have when our alarm clock speaks to us on that day you will ultimately have a better Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday which will feel even better because you have truly had a great week.

Have a MARVELOUS Monday!!