Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Community

Promotion of Social Justice - Arizona Trauma Institute

As I laid in bed my mind began to seek solutions to the disconnect we have as a society. Without stating the obvious and relying only on the history of my ancestors and forefathers I sought more answers. This led me to wonder at what point did the word, "community" become heavily race based? Has social capital: one in which the individual person, rather than the group, become primary?
As an African American who grew up in a neighborhood that included other races, were they not apart of the "community". Attending schools and universities that included different races where in some I was the majority and in others I was the minority was I still not apart of the "community"? As someone who has resided in different parts of the country where other races also resided were we not a "community"? As an educator who has served on campuses full of different races were we and are we not a "community"?
This week observing a world of different races protesting together to stop social injustices that are primarily occurring to one race at a high level gives me hope. It gives me hope that the word, "community" can get back to meaning a group of people that care about each other and feel they belong together. A group of people that care about the same goal. More than anything a group of people who have trusted relationships with each other.
I feel communities should address one of the most fundamental human needs: we want to be loved, we don’t want to be lonely and we want to know that we belong somewhere. When people care about each other, they develop trust. And trust unlocks love, collaboration, sharing, support, hope, safety and much more.
I do believe communities can still have different and shared goals as well. For example, the internal purpose of a community (we take care of each other) and the external purpose (we have a collective goal) can create positive change. I believe that every community needs to have an internal purpose first, to truly function as a community. However, without strong leadership, unbiased trust and healthy relationships this connection and transformation cannot happen.
As I close I reflected on the song, "We Are One" by Frankie Beverly and Maze and the lyrics:
"We are one no matter what we do, We are one love will see us through, We are one and that's the way it is."
Praying for Us All

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Tea Cup of Life by Dr. Marco Walder

As I woke this morning a thanked God for allowing me to see another day I began my morning regime. I filled my lovely stainless steel tea pot with water and placed it on the stove. I turned on the back burner and set the temperature to high.

I continued my morning regime and after a few minutes I could hear a soft whistle from the tea pot. As a few more minutes passed by the soft whistling sound from the tea pot became stronger. I ventured back into the kitchen and removed the tea pot from the heated burner and placed it on a burner that was not turned on.

I grabbed my favorite coffee cup, a healthy green tea bag, and honey for sweetener. I began to pour the hot water into my coffee cup and I could see the steam from the water escaping from the tea pot and evaporating into the air. I squeezed approximately 4 tablespoons of honey into the hot water and stirred the water until the honey mixed in. I finally dropped the green tea bag into the coffee cup and let it seep. While the tea bag seeped and released antioxidants and other nutritious elements I continued to get ready for school.

As I continued to groom myself I began to reflect on how this simple process of making tea in the morning applies to several aspects in our lives. A tea pot symbolizes us as people, the human body. God created us as human beings and gave us a body that is built to withstand the external and internal pressures of life.

God also pours inside us water which serves as our foundation and holder of the gifts and talents He has blessed us with. The desire for success, our passion and purpose, combined with our attitude, drive, and hard-work warms the gifts and talents that live inside us.

Overtime, similar to the tea pot our life whistle begins to echo louder and louder each day. However, our tea cup of life is not quite ready to be served. We need those key ingredients to give us those nutrients to help those gifts and talents God has placed within us to sweeten our tea. In life these key ingredients and nutrients are our successes and failures that we experience daily.

Just like finding the brand and flavor of tea you enjoy, along with how much honey to add, this takes time. You have to try a little more or maybe a little less in order to find the perfect combination that speaks to your taste buds. Nevertheless, these processes take time. In life finding the right career, the right person, the right car, or the right dress takes time.

You must be willing to fail just as much as you are desiring to succeed. I found the right combination and I was able to combine all the ingredients and create a delicious morning beverage that gives my body what it needs to start my day.

Do not forget, I also allowed my tea to cool before I took my first sip so I would not burn myself. In life just because something seems to “come together” as you like it, take your time and make sure you are ready to enjoy those flavorful combinations God has allowed you to birth. Just as I continued to get ready for school while my tea was seeping continue to grow in other areas of your life that will allow your tea to support you throughout your life journey.

Finally, sit with God an sip your nourishing tea cup of life daily and allow it to warm your soul and provide a nutritious boost to your faith which will allow you to believe daily that your goal in life will and can come true.

Be Alright by Dr. Marco Walder

When life brings darkness, I will have the courage to be the light, as I hear Dr. King say to me, I will be alright.

I will not be afraid to rise high like a kite, as I hear Maya Angelou say to me, I will be alright.

For peace and love I will not fear putting up a fight, as I hear Malcolm X say to me, I will be alright.

When my talent and abilities are over shadowed, and my color is the only thing in sight, as I hear Jackie Robinson say to me, I will be alright.

As present and future generations seek to appeal injustices that only offer exclusive rights, as I hear Rosa Parks say to me I, will be alright.

When thorns of hatred try to create an image that can only do wrong and no right, as I hear Barack Obama say to me, I will be alright.

No matter what comes my way I have the power to say, I will be alright.

- Click on the link below to wactch 3rd grader Braylon Scott perform this poem.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Safe Than Sorry

In life we have been taught it is better to be "safe than sorry" and that is true for most situations you will encounter. However, it is better to be "sorry rather than safe" for choosing to chase those dreams and goals you desire to achieve.

Always choosing to be "safe than sorry" can possibly prevent you from taking a chance on an opportunity you may never get again. Or giving a person a chance who may not look like a winner in the present, yet their potential, drive, and  ambition could prove otherwise.

This way of thinking can also prevent you from being "thankful and appreciative" for simply having the opportunity to walk in a path that God has created specifically for you. This mindset could prevent you from stepping out on faith and risking it all which could hinder you from breaking down a wall of obstacles in order to reach the outbreak God has for you on the other side.

Live life, be a risk taker, and more than anything believe what is for you will be for you no matter what man may say because He's mighty and with Him you can do all things!! - Dr. Walder

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Education World

Over the many years and stops during my instructional journey I have learned several life lessons. One thing that stands out is many in education have the desire to help kids succeed, yet they commit to doing anything possible to help another fellow educator fail.

Maybe this is because this person is able to build a relationship with kids that they cannot. Is it because they believe test scores confirm who is the best teacher? Maybe this is because this person has attained a higher level of education. It could be because this individual has a position you feel they should not have for whatever reason.

Nevertheless, wishing failure on another fellow coworker will not support the ultimate goal. Instead be the voice that helps them grow. Be the voice that shows them the right way. Be the voice that talks them up before you talk them down.

In order for the kids to learn how to love and understand one another the adults must learn how to love and understand one another and then show it. We are stronger together verses being apart. At the end of the day accolades, degrees, and treasured experiences have no value if the knowledge and information gained is not shared in a cultivating manner.

Dr. Walder

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Check Your Connection

Often times connections are not made because we focus more on why it cannot and should not happen instead of why it can and should happen.

The reason why electrical power will never transfer from the same side is because electrical power needs that opposite side to create a chemical reaction that alters the chemical makeup and with the help of a few electrons it ultimately forces both sides, the negative and the positive to work together to create power also known as change.

However, if we never get that other side that is probably why certain aspects of our life will always seem like there is no power when in actuality we may just need to check our connections and also use that other side.

Dr. Marco Walder

Friday, June 15, 2018

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